Why isn't encrypted data on my Samsung Galaxy S3 visible?

Maryam Nawaz

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Jul 29, 2015
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why encrypted data on samsung galaxy S3 is not visible?

Hello !!
I have Samsung Galaxy S3 Korean SHL-E210L. I encrypted my internal storage memory unintentionally without knowing what encryption actually means. When the process started, i restarted my phone in order to stop the process. But the same window appeared again and I was forced to complete the process. When the phone again started, all my data was lost and the phone was like brand new. No password was set up on the mobile ( as the encryption always needs a password to start) and I could start it without a password but still I was not able to view any of my files. I received no error of wiping of data or failure of encryption. Kindly guide me how to open or view the encrypted data? Have I lost it? How can I confirm that the data was actually encrypted or not?