Why isn't my Note 4 Bluetooth detecting the keyboard using Aten Tap CS533?


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Nov 24, 2014
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Note 4 Bluetooth not detecting keyboard using Aten Tap CS533

I have had the Aten Tap CS533 now for over a year. In case you did not know, the Aten Tap is a USB keyboard to bluetooth KM switch. I had an iPhone 4s at the time and the youtube review I saw used the Note 3 and iPad. I was thinking of getting the Note 3 but decided to wait until the Note 4 and the iPhone 4s worked perfectly with it and in the Aten manual, it says it is compatable with Note 3 and Android 4.4.0. It does say that later iterations of Android may not work with it which may be the case.

When I try to pair the devices, my Note does not even see the Tap, this is where my problem is since if it did not work, I would think it would see it, but I can see other bluetooth devices even though the Note 4 is literally resting on the Tap. Does anyone know anything that may resolve this issue or know what may be causing it?