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Why isn't my Samsung S7 edge Turning on properly??

Zaria Church

New member
Sep 10, 2017
My Samsung S7 Edge turns on and it shows the screen with "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" and then it shows the screen saying "Yes" and then it goes to the screen with just the word "Samsung" flashing on it. It stays on that screen and doesn't continue, it just stays flashing forever... Is it fixable?? What do I do? Please help.
Thanks :)


Jul 14, 2011
Try holding the power and home buttons down for about 20 seconds while it's looping. It should force the phone to turn off and then restart.

If that doesn't help, try booting into Recovery Mode (Power + Home + Volume down I think... might be Volume up) and clearing CACHE (not data, that would wipe all of your phone). Then reboot.