Why my phone start recording itself.. i didn't start it

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My itel phone start recording itself as a user interface recording.. I didn't do it nor i gave permission and i also tried to stop it but it didn't stop.. whats this and why


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central.

What phone do you have?

Do you know the name of the app that is recording? Does it show up in your multi-tasking/quick change app page, or your battery page?

What do you mean it started recording itself? Screen recording, like a video, screenshot, just a bunch of pics?

What happens if you restart the phone? Does it start up again, does the interface you mention show up?

Have you ever used this recording feature before? If you gave it permission a while back that permission is likely still good.

Can you find the image(s), video(s) through your file manager?

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