Why my pictures keep dissapearing from my s8 galaxy?

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It all worked fine until recently ,when i download some new gifs and they keep dissapearing after 1 or 2 days entirely from my phone,gallery and they cant be found in download folder!!!I scaned phone with anti virus and i don't have anyone using my phone.The same thing reapeted 5,6 times in last month!?What is the Problem???

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Are you only keeping these downloaded files in the /Download directory? If so, it's possible some "Smart Cleaner" feature or app is automatically clearing out your Downloads. If the phone came with a Device Maintenance app or menu, look there for a feature like this. Or if you installed an app that has a Smart Cleaner function, get rid of it. If you'd prefer to keep that function, then make a habit of moving downloaded files to some other directory as soon as you download them.