Why my Samsung Gear Live is paired with my Samsung S5, why do I get hangouts notifications?


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Nov 5, 2014
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Samsung Gear Live paired with Samsung S5 - No hangouts notifications

I have a Samsung Gear Live, paired with my Samsung S5 phone. My sister had one she used with her moto x and was talking about hangouts notifications. I've never received a hangouts notification on my watch despite definitely having received them on my computer and phone while my watch is paired. I just changed to make hangouts my default messaging app on my phone by going to the hangouts app and enabling SMS, thinking maybe that was the issue (as there are no hangouts 'wear' settings and no hangouts app on the watch). But now I find, when the hangouts app is catching the SMS messages, that I get no notifications about EITHER on the watch now.

On my phone, when a hangouts notification appears, I get a little bubble count indicator of unread messages updated. But nothing in the notification panel on the phone to indicate a message just was received. Between Google hangouts, google plus, google now, and google wear, there are many settings I've checked and nothing is muted, all notifications are checked as on. What could this be? Aggravating, feel like throwing this watch in the river lol.

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