Why the sound comes from the speakers in my Honor 8 when I have the earphones connected?

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I own a Huawei Honor 8 smartphone, model number FRD-L0P. Emui version 5.0.1, android version 7.0.

The problem is that suddenly a couple of days ago the sound in my earphones was very low so I put up the volume ( I was walking in the street). soon enough I realized that the sound was coming from the speakers and not the earphones.

Since then i cannot listen music or podcasts because the sound comes only out from my speakers.

The earphones are quite new, and work fine with other devices.

This problem came just after the phone updated itself...

I would appreciate all help that you can give me.

I have already tried starting the phone in safemode and it still happens.

Thank you for this.


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Apr 6, 2018
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Thank you!!

I tried that, but it didnt work. I still cannot use those earphones (pioneer).

Then I tried other headphones (different brands) and they worked just fine, but not the pioneer, but those work fine in other devices. This happened just after the new update on the 17th or 18th of march.

I have since then tried different things, and one thing that worked was restarting the phone with the pioneer earphones in the headphone jack. That worked, but the mic didn+t work, (the mic works fine on my mac, f.ex).

Now they are not recognised anymore after restarting the phone.

I also tried the SoundApp (or something like that) but no luck there...

So there is nothing wrong with the headphone jack... it must be a software issue.

Anyone else with a similar problem? I really would like to continue using my pioneer earphones since they are new and the best i have....

Thank you!

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