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Why when the Music app is updted does the app remain active


AC Question

Samsung Galaxy s4, auto updated music. Then the app remains open. I do not use my phone to listen to music. I have done a force close, but the app open several minutes later. Uses a lot of battery. How do I turn it off permanently? Also, I am not a robot, but I can't mark the box.

tony bag o donuts

New member
Apr 26, 2010
Are you talking about the stock app or a third party app?
I think you have a third party app or file on your device that is requiring access to the music app and that is why it is running.
Have you thought about clearing cache or a master reset?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! When you say it opens after you force close it, do you mean it opens up into the foreground, or you only notice it in RAM when you look at the Running Apps list? If the latter, then that's normal for Android--the system prefers to keep RAM mostly full, and will therefore automatically open various apps into RAM. How do you know it's using battery--does it show that it's using a high percentage in the Settings>Battery menu, or are you just noticing general battery drain?