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Why won't mt HTC one (M7) charge?


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HTC one (M7) wont charge

my phone was charging then it started to charge slow then it started to barly charge to like 2% when it was shut off now it isnt charging I got a battery replacement and it still is not charging help


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: HTC one (M7) wont charge

The charger or USB lead may be faulty. Also, the phone's USB port may be damaged or dirty....take a close look with a bright light and a magnifier.

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Matthew Hakim

New member
Mar 5, 2015
Re: HTC one (M7) wont charge

I dont think it is a usb port because I had that replaced two months ago :/ i currently have it at a third party repair shop ( they were the ones who replaced the battery) they also said they will take it app-art again to see any other issues but I feel as though I am in a dead end they said they would call for good news


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Nov 21, 2012
Re: HTC one (M7) wont charge

If both the battery and the USB port have been replaced, then the most likely source is the power unit in the phone itself. I would wait on what the shop says, but I suspect that the news won't be good.