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Why won't my Droid Mini turn on or reboot?


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Droid Mini Won't Turn on or reboot!!

So I've had my Droid Mini die suddenly and stay off for a while, but I have always been able to turn in back on, at most it would take 15 minutes. However, today it has gone black and 10 hours later there is no hope of waking it back up! Please help me!!

Motorola Droid Mini was fully charged but loading very slowly and eventually froze while loading an app. So, I did the Power + Down Volume restart. The phone turned off but now it will not turn on. I've had it plugged up and charging for 6 hours, tried to reset it for various lengths of time, some time holding the button down for a minute. I've taken the sim card out and let it sit. I can't think of anything!

The only response it gets is when I plug it into my laptop the computer will beep as if it recognizes something being plugged in. However, that's all it does. Will not show the device itself as being plugged in or anything.

I'm currently in Europe and will be for another month, so I would really appreciate if someone had a suggestion.


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Droid Mini Won't Turn on or reboot!!

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Have you considered getting the battery tested and if necessary replaced?

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