Why won't my Galaxy Note 5 turn on?


AC Question

This morning my Galaxy Note 5 fell off my bed on to a rug. It was a very light fall but the S pen did come out. I didn't think anything of it because this has happened before. When I picked it up it was still responding to me pressing the power button to wake it up (ie the lights on the bottom glowed) but the screen remained black. I thought maybe it was just frozen so I left it alone for a bit & I guess my battery ended up dying. But I did notice the blue LED light stood on, not blinking but solid. So put it on the charger & although nothing showed up on the screen the LED light turned red, after it charged the LED light turned that yellowish color so I tried to turn it on but nothing happen. Now my phone is just I guess dead or not responsive, except for the LED light coming back on and staying the solid blue. I have tried to hold the volume down & power button, as well as the volume up, menu & power button to no avail.. This is so frustrating.