Why won't my HTC One M8 charge or turn on?


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HTC one m8 wont charge or turn on

My htc one (m7) had the battery die one day and after that it gave me an error on startup saying the system was tampered with and it was locked out.
i plugged it into my computer and when i tried to open it up on the computer the phone instantly shut down and no longer shows any battery lights and wont tun on/respond in any way


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: HTC one m8 wont charge or turn on

Plug in the charger. Leave the phone alone for 24 hours. See if the phone precharges. (It has to charge a dead battery - some charger chips do, some don't - an external charger usually will.) If it does, after 24 hours you should have a fully charged battery and the phone should work.

If it's working after that 24 hour charge, you may never have another problem. If you do, it'll have to go to the shop for a battery replacement.