Why won't my LTE sim work when the connection is below 4g?


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So, I have a Tab S 8.4. Works pretty well, other than the fact that it seems like it doesn't work when speeds are lower than 4g. I don't have solid evidence to prove this, other than the fact that I get H/H+ speeds at home and 4g at outside places before this issue arose. Might be some correlation thing. I've googled the issue but none really solve it!


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Feb 12, 2012
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1. You can get 100bps 4G. 4G only says that the connection between your carrier and you is fast - if the connection from them to the server you're downloading from is terrible, you'll get terrible speeds. It's why internet speeds are always "up to" - the carrier or ISP can't determine the speed of a connection they don't own. (A connection is only as fast as its slowest link.)

2. Is the phone branded to your carrier? If not, it may not be working correctly for that carrier.