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Why won't my Note 4 stay connected to a sign-in-required network since the newest update?


AC Question

After the newest update, my Note 4 will not stay connected to the network at the compound where I live and work. Prior to the update, it worked just fine and it will still connect to other networks (though none are available for me to switch). The network requires sign-in, and the phone connects just fine at first and I can access the internet briefly. But after about a minute the phone automatically disconnects from this network.

Smart Network Switching is turned off.

What I think is happening is that the phone is disconnecting automatically because it isn't receiving confirmation that the sign-in was completed successfully. That may be a failure on the part of my company's network (no surprise there).

Is there a way to turn off that automatic disconnect? Is there a way to manually change the settings so that it won't recognize the sign-in requirement?

Alex Aggro

New member
May 26, 2015
Bumping because I have no idea how to get around this issue, and the most recent update didn't fix it.