Why won't my phone boot past the Samsung logo?


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My phone won't boot past samsung logo

My phone won't boot past the samsung logo i have tried wiping all data wiping all cache. When i connect my phone to my computer i get this. CDC Abstract Control Model (ACM), CDC ACM Data, CDC OBEX Data and CDC Objesct Exchange (OBEX) drivers are not installed and there is a exclamation mark infront of all of them what to i do?


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Jul 13, 2015
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Re: My phone won't boot past samsung logo

Hello. That means the phone is softbricked. Watch a tutorial on Internet for how to solve ir. It's actually easy if you have an idea what to do and if you see another one doing it. Even if you don't find your particular model number,try for eg. If you have Samsung XYZ and you don't find a tutorial for it a tutorial for simply Samsung will do it. Maybe wait some more replies.
Hoping for the best,dude ;)

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