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Why won't my phone camera focus on text?


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Jul 19, 2016
I got an LG Joy on birthday, its 5 mp camera works like a charm until I attempted a picture of a sheet of paper. Text looks extremely diffuse and cannot be even read.
I tried looking for similar problems around the internet and the only case appears to happen with iOS devices. I did try to shake the phone before taking a pic and there is no protection film over the lens.
Any idea of what's happening?
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Jul 20, 2010
I apologize if I suggest things you've already tried, but when you line up the shot, make sure to touch the screen right where the text is. This tells the camera software that something in that area of the view is what you want to focus on. Another thing to note, is that many of these smartphone cameras don't always do so well taking pictures up close. You might try backing away from the paper a bit to see if the text then comes into view.

Also, make sure if you have a case installed, that it doesn't block anything important in the back of the camera. It is possible that there is a sensor somewhere on the back of the phone that is used to aid in focusing, and it may be blocked.