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Why won't my Samsung Galaxy turn on/stay on for more than 30 minutes?


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My samsung galaxy wont turn on/stay on for more then 30 min

Hey guys! I need help.
My Samsung Galaxy s3 won't turn on now, sometimes it'll get to the home screen, then turn off. It seems like I can't get it to stay on for more then 30 min. I've read other threads on this site, but nothing seems to work. Bought a new charger/battery, tried factory data reset, and download mode. Even putting it in safe mode, I tried the snack method (basically smacking the phones power button on a flat surface) but even that doesn't work! I managed to get some of my personal stuff off the phone the other day before it turned off, thank goodness. I need advice!

Samsung Galaxy s3
Model #: SPH-L710


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: My samsung galaxy wont turn on/stay on for more then 30 min

A faulty power switch under the Power button perhaps?