Why won't my Samsung S4 hot spot SSID display on my Windows PCs?

el Ducko

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Mar 8, 2016
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Samsung S4 Hot Spot SSID will not display on Windows PCs

Problems with Samsung S4 Hot Spot. Its SSID will not display on Windows PCs (XP or 10.1) or Windows phones, so connection is not possible. However, SSID displays fine on Tivo, AT&T store staff's tablets, Apple iPad, iPhone, so you can connect them with no problem.

In the reverse direction, you can read and connect to AT&T Sierra hotspot, iPhone hotspot, with the S4.

No, the Configure menu's "Hide my device" box is not checked, although that's the way that the S4 is behaving. "Allow all devices to connect" is active, although I have tried the other way (with specific devices' MAC addresses). No change. Timeout is set to 60 minutes.

How can I change either the S4 or something in Windows so that PCs can see the SSID and therefore connect? Is there something buried in one of the Windows services that can be switched on or off, perhaps? (...ugly memories of wrestling with the ZeroConfig service)

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