Why won't my Samsung Tab 2 10.1 charge?


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Samsung Tab 2 10.1 Won't Charge

I've researched as much as I can and cannot find a definitive answer, so here I am. I bought a used Samsung Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5113TS) that came with wall outlet charger and cord. The tablet will not charge; there is no response from the tablet when I plug it in. I tried the wall outlet, tried plugging into PC, tried an iPhone wall outlet charger, tried rebooting it with one and both volume keys...won't charge, won't recognize that it's been connected to anything.

Charger is labeled Samsung ETA-P10X (5V 2A)
Tab 2 10.1 is labeled 5V 2A
The cord appears to be labeled KAYANG 21445 80Degrees Celsius 30V 25AWG*2C 30AWG*2C

Is is it the charger, the cord, or the tablet?
Apparently there are some inferior chargers out there. Since I didn't buy this new in box, I don't know what originally came with. If you have original charger and cord, how are they labeled? Do I have the correct ones? If I do, then they are either defective or something is wrong with tablet...

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Si Bak

Dec 16, 2016
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My Samsung Tab2 also cannot be charged from Lenovo laptop. It can be charged from the charger with a USB port. But the charging is so slow, it take about 6 hours to get it fully charged from less than 10% battery life. I beginning to feel there are something wrong with Samsung products. Their products are gettting from good to bad, bad to worse.

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