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Why won't my Samsung tablet sync with Google Calenders?


AC Question

I have a Samsung phone and tablet I just bought. I synced my Samsung phone's calendar to Google Calender, and tried to sync my tablet with Google Calenders too, but it won't show any events from my phones calendar that I put into Google Calendars. All the boxes are checked on both devices and have been serching for help and nothing has worked.
Could the problem be my Google Calenders is synced to my phone calender and it can't sync to my tablet?


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Dec 6, 2011
That's a whole lot of syncing going on. If your Google accounts are the same for both devices and you're putting the items into Google they should show up. If the accounts are different you'll need to ensure that both accounts are shared with each other in both directions to get them to show in both places. The best way to do that is via a pc. Log in go to calendar, share options, and enter the email for for each in the other. If you're putting items into a calendar that is shared with Google and both accounts on the sides are the same it should show... Trying to think of a way that it wouldn't and I can't.