Why won't my voicemail notifications go away?


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Voicemail notification won't go away

I have a notification at the top of my Samsung Galaxy S5 which says Voicemail message. But it is not from EE, it is from +447953222222. EE says I am not to call the number as it is probably a scam but I cannot get rid of the notification. I have added it to my Blocked callers list, I have deleted it but it comes back after a second. I still have content lock on my phone so I have not been to any dodgy sites.

Any help getting rid of this annoying icon will be appreciated.


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Aug 5, 2015
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Re: Voicemail notification won't go away

I found the answer. I held my finger down on the Icon at the top of my phone. I got a drop down list with Clear data as one. I cleared my phone data and it has worked.