Why won't Samsung Galaxy S6 screen turn on after being left idle for a few hours?

Ryan Cruz

Jul 27, 2014
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My samsung galaxy s6 screen won't turn on after being left idle for a few hours...

For the past month, my galaxy S6 has been having problems. The screen won't turn on when I press the home or power button. Also when I plug it to its charger, the screen still won't turn on and the LED won't turn red as well. When this happens, I know for a fact that the phone is still turned on because the notification light blinks because of the received notification sometime during its idle time. Here's what I've tried so far:

- I am able to force reset the device by holding the power and volume down button until it restarts. I felt relieved that I am able to restart my phone when it happened the first time but pretty annoyed when it kept on happening.

- I tried clearing cache partition in recovery mode. At first I thought it worked but still...

-I already did a factory reset (twice) but right after the latest hard reset just 3 or 4 hours into it, still screen won't turn on.

- Earlier I thought that it was because of the notifications I was receiving while I was asleep (viber, facebook, sms) since when I woke up in the morning and the screen won't turn on, I had pending notifications. But recently, the screen won't turn on after being idle for a few hours without received notifications.

At first I thought it was a software issue but I'm starting to think that it might be a hardware issue. I'm planning to take it to Samsung in a few days if the problem won't go away. My device is not rooted by the way.

I would just like to ask if someone could shed light to this. I remember with my S4, I also experienced this but only a few times and it wasn't as serious as this one. So maybe someone with the corresponding knowledge could sort of at least explain what's happening or if possible, a solution without the need to visit Samsung.

I would appreciate all your responses. Thank you in advance!


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Jul 21, 2015
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I'm replying only to share that I had the same thing happen to me for the first time ever this morning. I've been a Galaxy user since at least the S2 (all "stock" through AT&T), and fortunately have never previously had this problem.

Thanks for sharing the power + volume-down button; I never knew that as an alternate rebooting strategy, and was figuring I was hosed to get access to my phone again.

Luis Castro63

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Aug 4, 2015
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Phone was working perfectly and in the morning would not turn. I am thankful for these forums as they are so helpful. Did the volume and power button as suggested and it is working now. Saved me a trip to the store and lots of headaches. Thank you.:)

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