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Why won't the left side of my touchscreen work (RCA Voyager)?

Robert Woodall

New member
Jun 6, 2015
Why won't the left side of my touchscreen work? -RCA Voyager

Okay first of all, I know it's a bottom line generic tablet that you're better of throwing away and buying another but this is seriously bothering me. The very left side of the screen, maybe 5mm from the left is unresponsive. This prevents things such as pressing keys on the left side of the keyboard. Now I'm pretty experienced when it comes to things like this so I did the basics: Factory reset, cleaned the connector, cleaned the receiver for the connector, and cleaned the space between the digitizer and LCD. 0 luck. I was wondering if anyone maybe had an off-the-wall suggestion, or possibly someone has had a previous experience with this brand. There are no calibration settings at all and the manual simply suggests I have clean, dry hands and turn the tablet off/back on. I ask that you not give me the same generic ideas.

Thanks in advance.
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