Wi Fi Problems - How I fixed mine


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Oct 22, 2009
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I just brought my new toy home to the Palm Springs pad..all was wonderful until I found out about the wi-fi problems. I could not hook up. It would see the wifi, but in the end, it just would not work or it would hook up for just a minute then disconnect. I then found the Android forums and learned of the massive wifi problems that plague the Hero.

I brought it to my place in Arizona, to try it on the wifi here. Still the same thing just would not hook up. I got into the modem here and changed some settings, but still would not work. The fix came when:

I took out the WEP security and just had the network open.
SUPRISE! The Hero wifi went right in and hooked up, and stayed hooked up.

So, I went back in and put the WEP back in the modem and tried the Hero again, anticipating the same result of NO hook up.

SUPRISE again. I put in the security code and BAM, right back in and stuck. It has been solid ever since.

When I return to PS we'll see if it works there also
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