[Widget][free][4.03+] One of the Best Weather Widgets in the Market and supports Dust Forecast


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Apr 22, 2015
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This widget provides the following
1- Check air quality PM 2.5 and provides alert whenever there is a risk to your health.
2- Evaluate UV index, customize the metrics to fit your needs and provide you with details about the risks and maximum sun exposure time before sunburn.
3- Evaluate weather data and provides you with risk you might encounter like frostbite, hypothermia, black ice, fog and visibility, heat stroke and many other features.

There are many weather applications and widgets in the market but what makes this widget unique is the different approach it takes to interpret weather data. This widget analyzes weather data and provides the user with a actionable information to fully utilizes this data.

Utilizing knowledge bases and background knowledge to interpret weather data would create an application that focuses on what users’ need to know as the outcome when certain facts are combined. For example: if the temperature is -5 C and wind speed is 20 m/h, there is a risk of hypothermia if someone stays for a long period of time without proper protection. Another example is when the humidity reaches 95% and the temperature 35 C degree, there would be a risk of heatstroke. Ultraviolet Index (UV), which causes skin cancer, damaging eyes and immune system, is interpreted differently from one person to another based on skin type, color, environment around the person and altitude. Without the use of background knowledge to interpret UV Index correctly, the result will not reflect the facts on the ground. Weather Foreseer uses background knowledge to add value to weather data. Instead of getting numbers like UV index or wind chill, you will be able to know what are the effects of these values on your health and safety. This widget contains many features like Air quality (dust forecast) and alert the user about health risks. Beside alerts and advice this app deliver, it has all basic weather data including a weather map of stations around your location. This widget also has the ability to monitor social media and show alerts whenever someone tweets about anything related to violence or crimes. For example, when people tweets about a shooting indecent around your location, an icon on the widget will appear and you will get a summary of the main keywords used in these tweets with a link that takes you to a map that displays the actual tweets and their location. You would be able to asses the risks and decide what action you need to do.

Weather Foreseer is the first Android widget that represents a new generation of weather apps that utilizes background knowledge to add values to weather data.

Youtube Video for how the widget works

Weather Foreseer on Google Play


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Apr 22, 2015
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Added new feature to evaluate wind speed forecast and display warning (near gale, gale, ...etc) when the wind speed reach certain points