Wifi connected, internet data intermittently falls off. How can I stop this happening?


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Wifi connected, internet data intermittently falls off

Hello, recently my father and I have been having an issue with out wifi connection at home. We both are using a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The wifi is not ALWAYS non-functional. Usually when I first connect, I am able to use it. But eventually, the internet connectivity give out. It still says I'm connected, but I can not receive messages. I discovered this over time, and it is especially annoying when I will suddenly have my phone explode with notifications when internet access resumes. Other times, I will get an explosion of late notifications the instant I turn wifi off on my phone, as I have been doing habitually since I know now I can't trust my phones connection capability. This has caused me to receive messages upwards of 30 minutes late. This is a big problem for me, especially, as I have many friends over seas who I cannot use SMS to communicate, but only messaging apps, and I don't want to drive up the data bill. Every laptop used in our home as well as my mother's iPhone have no issues, leading me to believe it is not a router issue, but rather a phone issue.

Both of our Galaxy S4s, suffering the same problem, are running lollipop. But I can also rule out it as being a Lollipop issue as my S4 active (which I stopped using due to its own issues...) also has the same wifi problems, even though it's running Kitkat.

No idea what to do here, but this is getting ridiculous, and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.