Wifi connecting issue


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Oct 5, 2010
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Hoping someone can help me out... My phone wont connect to my wifi at home (only place I use wifi). It gets hung up on "Obtaining IP Address" every now and then it will also show "Connecting, authenticating, not in range" but always comes back to obtaining IP address and never connects. I first noticed this after I had switched ROMs this past weekend. Went from MIUI to JTs VGB V7... Switched back to MIUI to see if it would fix it and nothing ( Always wiping cache, Dalvik, data in between) Have a tried a few other ROMs since and still getting the same problem... Flashed back to stock this morning and still cant connect to my wifi... I know its not my wifi because I am using it right now on my laptop... My wifes phone can connect without a problem (her phone is on PWGB v2). Anyone have any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!!