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So I have a Motorla Z2 Force and have had it for about a year. I have never been able to figure out what utility WiFi Direct gives on this phone.

All you are able to do is connect to another device through the advanced wifi settings panel, which at that point has no more options for file management, or really anything at all.

It would make sense that once connected, WiFi Direct might show up as an available option under the share button in File Manager, but after connecting and navigating back to file management this is not an option. When you go back to the wifi page it is no longer connected to the other device either...

Why put in a feature like that if it has no ability to send? I even tried 3 different third party applications and they all failed, including Superbeam, and ES Explorer.

Has anyone found any way to actually WiFi Direct off of their Z2 Force successfully?

I'm currently having to transfer gigabytes of videos through Bluetooth which is painfully slow. I know it is not the other device that I am trying to send to because I can WiFi Direct to it with other devices.

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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I own a Moto phone as well...... after owning it for several years now, I've come to realize Lenovo sucks at making working software for their phones, and REALLY suck at anything that remotely resembles reasonable security and os updates.

If you want to own the new "Lenovo" breed of Moto phones, that's a problem you'll have to weigh in your decision. I came oh so close to picking up a new Zplay, but in the end as much as I've enjoyed Moto phones over the years, I couldn't purchase another one :-(

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