Wifi disconnect loop on atrix


Dec 22, 2010
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hi guys,
i have a terrible problem with the phone. i got me a sim unlock code, that worked (can put any sim in as i like) but the thing is if i put a sim that is active (so it gets signal bars of my carrier-tried several carriers) the wifi connection instantly stops working and goes into what seems to be some sort of scanning/disconnect loop. i can repair that only by hard resetting it with an old sim that doesnt get any reception, so that the wifi works than. oh and i can do calls and stuff with the working sim. so im terribly nervous right now. i found some things while googling that the wpa_supplicant is bugged on the stock 2.2.1 (what the phone is running apparently), so i tried to change the file (just did the things) and it didnt help, still the same issue. and i sort of have a problem since im in europe now and cant really return the phone. oh and otherwise the wifi works perfectly (even if i put in the working sim and let the phone be in airplane mode - wifi works untill i turn airplane mode off and the phone gets carrier signal bars) .. and another thing wifi wont work even after inserting the working sim, even with the nonworking sim wifi still has the same problem.
so if anyone has a clue how to fix that, i would really appreciate that.

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