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Wifi isnt working on my Samsung A5


AC Question

Hello, i need help!

My Samsung A5 cannot connect to my home wifi, ive resetted to factory settings, ive tried the *#0011# method and nothing, the wifi just cant connect. Ive already connected to a few other wifis and I know its not the router or the signal on the wifi because my brother's and father's samsungs connect perfectly. The best ive gotten is the "authentication error" but im 100% sure my password is correct. (tested with 3 phones already and a laptop). Any ideas?


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
The encryption in the router. If it's set to TKIP or TKIP+AES, change it to AES (which is better anyway). (And all your other devices will have to connect again, since they'll still be trying to use the old encryption.)

Samsung has had a problem with wifi encryption for years. Sometimes 2 phones of the same model will work differently, one connecting and the other one not connecting.