Wifi mouse Nokia Streaming Box 8000 not working with Gboard


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Feb 15, 2023
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Logitech Wifi mouse M171 connected to Nokia Streaming Box 8000.
Everything works fine except two things.

1. GBoard does not respond to mouse clicking.

2. Google Play store button responds to mouse click but the buttons on top of the next screen do not.
search - Apps - Games - Account
I found out that by right clicking the mouse the four buttons would enlarge and light up just like with the remote, but that is as far as I can go with the mouse. I use the button on the remote to move right to the Account button which will the light up with a white circle and then the mouse click will work.
Is this a bug that Google TV needs to fix ?

Another thing that is quite interesting and I like it actually, is that when switching this wifi mouse on with the switch at the bottom it will automatically wake up the Nokia box.
Any explanation for that?

Thanks a lot to all of you great guys.
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