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Wifi off and battery drain, how can it drain that much battery?


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Wifi off and battery drain


I just noticed that Wifi has used 19% of my battery the last 1 day and 18 hours (since last charge). It was in top 2 of battery drain with screen on 19% too. But, I never use wifi, so it's always turned off.

I have an Xperia e4g, and I'm pretty satisfied with the battery life. I'm just curious to how it can drain that much battery while turned off?

Cheers, Sune


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Wifi off and battery drain


It may be false reporting. Since upgrading to Marshmallow, my Nexus 5 stock battery usage stats have reported very high usage for Wifi, often far higher than that for Screen. GSam Battery Monitor, by contrast, reports that all is normal. Try using that app, or a similar one, on your device. If high Wifi usage is still indicated, get back to us.