Wifi poor connections with android 4.4.2 and google location settings on power saving


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May 5, 2013
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The wifi connection has deteriorated with erratic connections since SG4 was updated to 4.4.2. This is triggered by Google location settings on power saving mode. Once the settings are changed to high accuracy the problem resolves but if you switch back to power savings then the wifi connection again is unstable. I have already factory reset the phone after the update. I do not want to keep on high accuracy mode due to the battery drain so this is not a solution.
I used speedtest app and made changes multiple times with the same results.
This may not be noticeable when using wifi for web surfing or email unless using high data transmission such as videos. Most people probably won't even know they have this issue.
I am wondering how many people are actually having this issue, and may not know. I posted on android support but this was put as low priority and an issue that needs to be dealt with by the phone manufacturer. This is clearly an android issue as others have the same issue with other devices as well.
Have others experienced this and has anyone found a solution other than changing settings to a battery draining accuracy mode?

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