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Will 8gb of internal memory be enough for me ?


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will 8gb of internal memory be enough for me ?

currently lenovo a7000 is set for flash sale in 5hours. It's got 8gb of internal memory 3.5 is available to user.Now i dont plan to download big games but few important apps like whattsapp etc.

Is the whattsapp going to write data to internal memory even after moving it to sd card and fill it ?
I heard the lollipop update was about 700mb so would updating my phone to subsequent updates fill the internal memory, does installing latest OS version remove the older(existing) one ?

The newer model with better specs(alongwith "16gb" internal memory) lenovo k3 note has been launched in China in March 2015 should i expect it to launch any sooner in Indian market ? I wouldn't mind waiting for it for another 2-3 months.

The phone supports OTG usb.But what is the capacity of the pendrive that can be typically read via the USB OTG feature ?(The phone has 1.5GHz octa core processor(MediaTek 4G
LTE True8Core™).
Kindly help this would be my first android phone.

Ryan Csuha

May 5, 2015
Re: will 8gb of internal memory be enough for me ?

It sounds to me like you are just using it for everyday stuff like lightweight games, web browsing, a few apps, texting, calling, etc. I would say either one of these two would handle it.

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