Will future ROMs be made for VC or V9?


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Jan 20, 2011
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I found out that it is true that they really did pull the VC update so now i was wondering if anyone knows if new ROMs and ROM updates will still require VC or if go back to V9. Right now I'm perfectly happy on V9 LEGO ROM but i would still like to know.:cool:
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Jan 15, 2011
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Well it seems that LG either has switched to or is mixing in a different LCD in the newest Optimus S models. Only the VC-based ROMs have the driver for this LCD. So unless that driver is back-ported, only VC-based ROMs will be able to display items on the newest Optimus S models. My guess is this will mean newer ROMs will be forced to be based on VC, as that ROM can control all LCD screens.

BTW whether VC is pulled or not, you should be able to Force Flash VC onto your phone. Instructions are in the reference section of the link in my signature.
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