Will my Note 5 get Marshmallow with Knox tripped?


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Feb 23, 2016
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Hello all,
As soon as I unboxed my Note 5, I turned on the device, sign in to google and setup all. As my phone came all the way from canada. I am from Pakistan. My uncle bought it for me. SM-920w8. The phone asked for Network Unlock Pin. I inserted random numbers 4-5 times(just for nothing, in a fun). Then i use a phone for a while, took some selfies and Then I powered off the device and went to sleep.

The next Morning I woke Up, My device got stuck every time when i Switched on the power button. It was at the Samsung logo and on the upper left cornor in red , It said "Custom Binary blocked by frp lock" . I was hopeless and Pissed. I was destroyed. But then I used the official Samsung Smart Switch to Install The Emergency Software Recovery. It took 3 hours and it worked fine and my fone finally turned on. But my fone is still locked from bell canada (and i will get it unlocked soon) and the KNOX warranty is now 00*01.
I don't care about the warranty, but as my phone is not rooted, Will i be able to get Marshmallow Update whenever it comes?