Will the official stock rom replace deleted system UI?


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will official stock rom replace deleted syatem UI

I have an iball andi 5e7 mobile with android jellybean . i accidently deleted my system ui. ( the jelly bean ) from my mobile using es file explorer. From then ,my wallpapers, recent apps, status bar are gone. I have an application backup in my phone. I tried to put it back as a system app using luckypatcher but it says error. And i should try uninstalling the orginal app or try manual reboot. I cant find the orginal apk file to uninstall it. Nor does manual reboot does it. I tried recovering in system recovery mode. But still it wont work. I did not change the rom either by any means. Please tell me if i download the iball andi 5e7 official firmware fro the web and flash it ,the phone will return back to normal.

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