Wish List for the next Sidekick (4G LX?)


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Feb 17, 2011
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Any Wish Lists for what the Sidekick 4G LX (I am guesstimating the new name of the Next Generation model) should have??

My list:

* A bigger screen (closer to 4 inches).
* Full Unicode Support, including manual entry of symbols (like Alt+#### on PCs and similar to older Sidekicks). Support for a wider array of symbols via the Symbols key (customizable??).
* More built-in memory.
* LED lights that are accessible to a wider array of apps (not just the built-in ones).
* Smiley Button that works in ALL apps, not just the built-in Texting app
* If you have to add bloatware (like DriveSmart) allow it to be easily uninstalled.
*Allow customizable color themes.
*provide a better font where it is clear the difference between l (lower L) I and 1 (like the older sidekicks did)

Any others you want to add to the list??


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Nov 26, 2011
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I honestly think they should bring back the flipping screen, I kinda miss it. And I would hope they would have a much better trackpad and hopefully better ram (at the very least 512mb, I got low end devices with way more ram than the Sidekick), and at least dual core. I don't care much for TV out, nor do I care much for ICS lately, I would hope that it runs on JB. If this device is made, and still has terrible support, I'm not wasting my time or money.

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Sep 4, 2012
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2 most important, you already named: Bigger screen (at least 4 inches) and more ROM (at least 1gb)

What else I would like to see:
*Snapdragon S4 Processor
*Mini-HDMI jack
*Full HD, OLED Screen
*The track pad needs to work a lot better.
*Ice Cream Sandwich
*At least 8 megapixels for the rear camera and 1.3 for the front. (3 megapixels for the front would be ideal)
*The jump keys should work with every key on the keyboard.
*I like the launcher but the major keys should be phone/messaging/apps/contacts instead of just phone/apps/contacts
*the screen ratio needs to be changed and the stock launcher needs to let you put a 5th row of apps/shortcuts closer to the bottom of the screen and stop squishing apps when you turn to landscape.
*Minimum of 3000 mAh battery.
*Some metal and/or nicer materials than the plastic they currently use for the phone (even though the phone has a nice touch to it, it still looks cheap)
*the headphone jack should be on the top of the phone.
*I would like to see the jump key move adjacent to the camera button. If you could press the jump key with your left index finger, then it would free up your left thumb for easier access to some of the keyboard buttons. (Then the home button can move to the jump key slot and the front camera can move to the home button slot, making a lot more room for the screen to grow without making the phone much bigger)
*I don't want a pink phone. White is okay, but I rather see a black, silver, blue or red. (something a bit more professional)

After all of that is done, if it's not too much to ask...
*It would be a dream if Sony could get their hands in the new Sidekick. Then it could have Experia's Floating Touch feature and their water resistant touch screen along with a Cyber Shot camera built in and the Walkman mp3 interface.
*While I'm talking dreams of 3rd parties licensing their technology to T-mobile, it would be great if the track pad was done by blackberry.

Seriously though, I love my Sidekick 4G. The keyboard is the best in the game, the jump keys are a very nice touch, the touch screen works very well and it's a very comfortable phone to hold.

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