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Won a Turbo 2, what do I do with it?

Silver Idaten

Nov 20, 2014
I somehow managed to win a Turbo 2 from that obnoxious giveaway Verizon was having last week, it still hasn't arrived yet.

I was a previous owner of last year's Turbo, and the novelty wore off quickly when I realized it was the last major phone release that still didn't have Lollipop practically a year after release. It ended up going down as one of the worse phones I've ever owned to me, because the battery while longer lasting wasn't anything special to me, and quick charge is practically a standard Android feature now.

I'm weighing what I want to do with the Turbo 2. I'm not a Verizon customer, my T-Mobile 6S is my primary phone. I would like to have an Android phone on another network as a backup. Turbo 2 has Bands 2 and 4 so it's largely interchangeable with Verizon and AT&T, so that's a plus. However I just remember being so pissed off with the Turbo last year that I just want to sell it and get something else, prederably something with the same or lesser value, so the 6P is out.

I'm liking the 5X. It seems well-rounded, nice size (not too big but not too small, could complement my 6S very well), I just wish the maximum wasn't 32GB, and the LCD screen is kind of a huge turnoff for me because of things like possibly getting a screen too yellow, uneven backlights, and bleeding. Still, I could sell a Turbo 2, buy a 5X, and maybe pocket $100. Nexus 6 is also a pretty good deal now, I've been considering that too. Either 6 or 5X, I could try out Fi, which would be pretty cool. Another one I'm looking at is the G4. I tried one out, pretty cool. I'd have to get a carrier model though so the universal aspect isn't quite there. I'm trying out a Note 5 right now, nice phone but same thing.

Or I could keep the Turbo 2 and hope it'll be a better experience.

Honestly I'm slightly leaning toward the 5X. Before it was released I was really considering getting a used Nexus 5 to play around with as my backup phone. In my position, what would you do?

EDIT - Moto X Pure is also I guess a consideration, but Motorola possibly abandoning phones after a year and dragging updates out forever is a huge turn off.