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Wondershare MobileGO


AC Question

I have a Samsung Galaxy IV Android 4.2.2 and here's what happened.

Okay I bought MobileGo to handle backing up for me. I set Mobilego to backup everything on my phone (including about 19,000) text messages.

Then I had to reset my phone and wipe everything.

When I restored my stuff to my phone, I only got my text messages through November 2013 AND ALL of the pictures people sent me on my phone were gone.

Does anyone know why this didn't work right? I haven't heard back from their support which who knows if I will since I already bought the product.

This really really really sucks! The entire reason I bought the program was for backing up especially my important text messages. Ugg.

I am really unhappy that I would use the program and think I am all set and secure and you don't find out until later that you can't restore all the text messages, or it doesn't back them all up or something?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
I would contact Wondershare support about this issue. They're the best people to handle customer complaints.