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Worm Alert! Russian Android Malware Spreads Via Text Message


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Dec 4, 2012
Not worried. So long as the settings to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources isn't enabled, it shouldn't matter.
Also, users in Russia and China typically download from places other than Amazon and Play, which lends heavily to malware.

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Apr 8, 2010
Android malware that spreads via text message has been observed making its way around Russia ? not the newest trick in the book, but it hasn't been seen before on the mobile OS. Should you be worried?

Worm Alert! Russian Android Malware Spreads Via Text Message - NBC News

Did you even read what you posted?

It's a malcious APK file (the type used to distribute applications on Android) that, once downloaded, sends texts to your whole address book in an attempt to infect your friends.

It can't be spread by text messages.
(MMS messages, maybe, but who is dumb enough to install an .APK they received via a MMS message? )