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May 19, 2010
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My beloved Nexus 10 is nearing the end of it's usefulness due to constant battery issues. I've tried all the usual fixes (factory reset, restart in safe mode, and even replaced the battery) and have decided that it's time for a change.

I love the size and portability of the N10 and use it primarily for browsing. The only "must have" that I can think of is the ability for the device to run Android apps. What would you recommend as a replacement in the $300 range? I've checked out the Nvidia Shield K1 and also the 4 gb Chromebook Flip. Either one would probably work but I haven't seen a lot of reviews about how the Flip performs as primarily a tablet. Any thoughts?

I appreciate any advice you can offer.

Jerry Hildenbrand

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Oct 11, 2009
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My biggest gripe with an Android tablet is the web browser. A bigger screen means a better web experience, except that Chrome for Android sucks compared to the "full" chrome. Other browsers are a little better, but I sold my soul to Google and want all my stuff to sync so I stick with Chrome.

The Flip has an excellent web browser and can run most apps (no icon packs or launchers and things like that) as good or better than the Pixel C. But it can be a little clunky folded over because it's thick and has the keyboard on the back. The keyboard doesn't work when flipped back so it's not randomly typing things, but it makes it more awkward to hold.

Unless Google has some new tricks in store for Android tablets (and they very well could) I think the Flip is the best 10-inch Android tablet. If you don't care as much about the browser, a Pixel C is $120 more but thin and light.

I wouldn't recommend any other Android tablet. And I'll throw the iPad mini in there, too, because it offers the best cheap "pure-tablet" experience right now unless you depend on some Android-only apps and games.


Oct 27, 2013
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I don't agree. IMO its not the same use. I have both and use them in very different occurrences. As for apps, although a Chromebook can use some of them, it's far from what you can do with an Android tablet. Let's see how good will be Andromeda OS that should run on the new N7, according to the rumours.

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