Wow cant wait for 2.1


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Dec 4, 2009
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Check out this video.

2.1 looks like it's going to be great. Its amazing how much little fixes here and there can mean so much. A few more screens, WAY better media gallery, and a few new UI changes is making me drool. I wish i could wait for it to be official, but once they fix the GPS and keyboard backlight problem, i'm all over that update.

What do yall think? check it out...


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Nov 26, 2009
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Yeah I saw that on Engadget. Talk about smooth too. I like the elimination of the app drawer and I love how smooth it is.

To heck with new features, just the smooth-ness of it is great.


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Nov 6, 2009
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Looked like it was just another way to get to one of the 5 home screens. Seems like it would be easier to just swipe to the screen you wanted.


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Dec 3, 2009
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Definitely can't wait for this update. (Figure of speech of course)

If the GPS and keyboard back light still worked I would've rooted my Droid and threw this baby on here already.
I would rather wait for the official release so everything will work along with all the beautiful new features and buttery smoothness. :D

The gallery looks amazing now.

I hope they fix the scrolling in the browser and over any HTML format for that matter...


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Nov 9, 2009
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In response to how this will work with dxtop, u can still run dxtop as your home launcher if desired, but the stock home is improved so some may choose to use it.

Being in the software business myself, I decided to take the plunge and load up the 2.1 firmware. I like it. As others have mentioned the only real issues are GPS not always working and the keyboard backlight. I wouldn't really recommend going down this manual route if you don't have some experience in linux or are not a very patient person :) You can read all the steps on different forums and it's quite easy. All that said, it's still a lot of manual work. I have mine at the point where I have full backup images of my 2.0.1 fully working phone (with root which is extremely easy to remove and get completely back to square one if needed) and this working image of 2.1. All I have to do now is boot into recovery mode and use the built in nandroid backup feature to restore. Pretty sweet :)

My reviews of it are that it's slightly snappier yet again. The addition of the extra 2 home screens is sweet. The application tab turned into a square of little dots but the menu that comes up is way cooler graphically. It has the feature to quickly jump to any home screen by long pressing on the bottom and then the tabs pop up. Lastly, the gallery, as others have pointed out, is vastly improved. I myself do not use the camera that much but for those that do use this, it's much more fun to use.

Other than that, still the same phone but fun to play with nonetheless.


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Nov 2, 2009
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I would love to take the plunge and update to 2.1 but I do use the GPS way to much so I think I will wait for the official.

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