wow! CubicMan is finally on android


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Feb 5, 2010
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Android application distributer mAPPn just released a very nice puzzle game called CubicMan on Android Market. Gameplay remains basically the same as the version on iPhone.


In CubicMan, the goal is to position a rectangular prism known as a 'cuboid' upright on a designated destination point. Sliding your finger across the screen rolls the rectangle on both long and short sides along a stone pathway. You can't allow the cuboid to fall off the pathway, otherwise the stage resets. As such, you have to figure out an optimal path that keeps the cuboid in play and stands it upright on the destination square all in as few moves as possible.


After solving the first few stages, the difficulty melts away as you begin to wrap your brain around how to effectively complete each level. Efficient puzzle solving in CubicMan involves a lot of forward thinking. Quickly travelling through a stage only racks up moves and often leaves you stuck. Tight passageways, teleports, and toggled platforms demand a bit of forethought in order to avoid getting stuck or having to back up and add moves to your total.


Instead of loading up stages with tons of objects, switches, and other arbitrary obstacles, the design takes on a sleek, focused approach. Most puzzles only contain a couple of well-placed transport squares that point you in the right direction. It's near impossible to get lost thanks to the game's straightforward design that never teases you with false solutions.

Intuitive use of the touchscreen also helps make CubicMan Android easy to get into. You can play with one hand, if you want, flicking your thumb to move the cuboid as your Android rests in your palm. Some awkwardness arises when dealing with the camera. Tapping the edges of the screen allows you to pan the stage, although it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Often, you end up accidentally moving the cuboid instead of panning the view. There's also a zoom option, although it's completely unnecessary since the default view gets the job done.

The game packs in a whopping 80 stages, so even though it only includes a single mode of play CubicMan is still a fantastic value at USD 2.99. Online high score rankings or some second mode of play would bump the game up a notch, certainly. Great visuals and plenty of gameplay get it far, establishing this pleasant title a spot among the ranks of worthwhile Android games.


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Feb 7, 2010
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I played this game on my friends iPhone back in 2008. it was great! So I bought it yesterday, and ends up I spend almost a hour in the bathroom with it :p. it worths the money


Jan 5, 2010
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Looks like a fun game!

I'll keep an eye on this thread for news about the FC issues on the Moto Droid. I'll download it then and give it a try before buying.

:) I love games like this!

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