Xiamoi Pocophone screen bleeding

Aug 22, 2018
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Hi I have recently purchased the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 I got it basically for the price and the brilliant specs.

I knew about screen bleeding reports with these phones so when I got my phone yesterday I intentionally went looking for it and unfortunately found it just at the bottom edge of the phone I can see it when I long press my phone to turn off when the screen is a grey black colour I knew to do this as someone on the XDA forums suggested it.

Should I really be all that worried about this will it get worse one guy on you tube says it is always likely with LCD displays and lots of people are reporting it so it is quite wide spread with this phone so if I get a replacement chances are the replacement will have it also unless they physically inspect it before they send it to me I mentioned it to my sister and pointed it out and she said she really couldn't see much just a little bit lighter at the bottom.
So am I worrying about nothing or should I get a replacement/refund.

Lastly not really related but I would like to know guys opinions on LCD Vs amoled not quality but just purely for your eyes I have had amoled HTC ONE M8 for two years but just been using this Pocophone for a couple of days and it seems to hurt my eyes a bit I do wear glasses thanks.

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