Question Xperia updates and notifications there of ?!!!?


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Jun 19, 2024
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(Ok ... Because "save draft" didnt save my draft this will now be 2, how to work this function?)

Hi new member with some questions.
New phone a few weeks ago, Xperia 5 V
Last days ive been wondering when a new system update might arrive. It did today, But pure luck i even noticed..i saw "something" downloading in pulldown notifications .. and the damn thing was 2/3 done already.

Now it starts to get strange. I tap and hold that notification and its set to silent, and all options grayed out. Im always up to date and want to have the thing under control and you always get told upgrade update always...even stranger sony support the "notifications' and sub cat "updates* only ways to get less notification??

Hide silent notifications in status bar" in Developer settings is and was turned OFF.
Same with "allow notification snoozing)

Anyone with some tips on xperia weird settings?
Is it still best enrolled with xperia companion like i was told last i had sony, with x/xz Compact series ? After xz i didnt look at sony untill now 👹

Any tips help mych appreciated..

Need more info? Please ask, and quote me whan answering so i wont miss out on NOTIFICATIONS .... Ha !

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