xperia z bootloop


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hey guys,
i am having a problem with xperia z c6603 lollipop 5.1.1. i rooted it using kingo root and installed a font using fonter which unfortunately turned out to be some faulty font. and i was unable to unlock my phone because the font on the lock screen became too big to make any space for pattern unlocker.after all the efforts i had to reset my phone using google accounts which unlocked the phone. now the font was still the same so i had to download fonter again to change that font but this time the fonter was not it works on rooted devices so i decided to unroot and then again root the cell.i was unrooting it using kingo root when it stuck in a loop .the sont logo appears and then the phone restarts. and it is not going to recovery mode i have tried everything. can anybody help me out

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