YABBUSTA? (Yet Another BB User Switching To Android?)


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Jan 5, 2010
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I love it. I really do. The messaging is unrivaled at the moment. The form factor is comforting. The blinking LED makes me feel safer. But lately I've become burned out on my Blackberry obsession and it's left me searching for something...else. The Nexus One may be it.

I've hovered around these forums for a while, even got a MyTouch 3G off Craigslist which I ended up selling a few days later. I run my own web development and design business, and I have some specific concerns about switching, most of which I have addressed through searching the instanets. I just wanted to sound off to get suggestions and insight from others...

Universal Inbox: I love all my messages in one place. Frequently I will be exchanging SMS and e-mails and hate having to switch back and forth. Is there an app for this in the Market?

: One reason why I left WinMo four years ago and switched to Blackberry was to get into an e-mail account I had to tap four times. On my BB devices I hit a button and boom, there I am. What's with no convenience keys? If I can solve the Universal Inbox issue, I can handle tapping an icon to satiate this need.

E-mail Setup: I perform support for a few businesses, each with their own internal e-mail address for me. In total, I have 8 that I need to monitor in varying degrees of refreshiness. I've considered forwarding them all to my main Gmail account, but does that allow for signatures for each one? What's the best way to handle multiple e-mail accounts on Android that you guys have found?

Variety of apps: Sorry, just kidding. I know, lame.

: I know I would eventually grow accustomed to it, but I'm 6'5'', 215, which means my fingers are like sausages. My Blackberry 8900 keyboard, while it's small, works just fine. I can hammer out long e-mails for the most part easily. I've played with the Hero and it's manageable, but I have to be able to use both thumbs at once. The lazy finger typing doesn't do it for me unless I'm just dinking around searching the web.

Battery Life: Not making it home tonight? I don't care because my Blackberry will make it. How do you guys find power management with refreshing e-mail apps fairly frequently and playing with apps? I know this is different for everyone, but I'm curious.

I have to say, I'm pretty much sold on Android. I'm tired of rolling the trackball furiously to only get two icons over, I'm tired of BIS outages, I'm tired of squinting to read text, and I'm tired of not having a....richer user experience I guess you could call it. My BB has always done me right (all four of the 8900's I've had through Tmo, RMA'd for various issues), and I love the platform, but I want something different. Something more interactive and fun, but also useful and helps me streamline my business.

Any thoughts?