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I'm a rooted user using Magisk for root for a while. Recently I got notification to update to Magisk 24.1. I ignored it for 2 weeks until yesterday I decided to click on it, and then "Magisk is not responding" and now my screen is yellow. Every 3 seconds (exactly 3 seconds) my phone's screen will disconnect and reconnect. I tried to take a video of it but the video is fine, no yellow tint, no disconnect. So I rebooted into safe mode, same problem there. So I rebooted into bootloader/fastboot/recovery and surprisingly the issue is NOT there. I took a careful look during restarting my phone and I noticed that the yellow tint appears halfway through booting and not at the beginning, so I'm sure it's some sort of system app doing that or Magisk. So I uninstalled magisk, restored boot rom, did everything to remove any root from my phone, and the problem is still there. The problem would then randomly go away.
1 Week ago my phone fell into a puddle of water, but nothing happened then, until yesterday, so I was thinking that it is the water that damaged my screen, but it doesn't make sense as to why the screen is damaged only in Android and not in recovery?

Oneplus 9 LE2110 running Android 11 (LE25DA).

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