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Sep 22, 2011
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Heya folks -

Am getting ready to head back to the states after 8 years in Iraq supporting the Military's networks out here. Have spent the last week or so looking at new phones, services and what not since it is time to upgrade from my old flip phone.
I started out looking at the Droid Bionic and gave my S/O a list of phones to go look at (droid 3, incredible 2 and a couple of others. She had settled on the Droid3 because of the physical keyboard and thought the keyboard on the incredible2 was too hard to use.
Well I decided that the Bionic had too many things that I was just not likely to use and started looking at the others for myself. That is when I found this board and I am glad I did. I spent some time yesterday reading up on the forums here and finally decided on the Incredible 2 once I saw that there were alternative keyboards available for it. Once she found that out she told me to order one for her too because except for the keyboard she like it better.

So we got two of them that should be there by Friday and she will set the basics so mine is ready when I get back in late oct. really looking forward to making full use of the information stores here.

Cheers, RDJ :)

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Nov 28, 2010
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Welcome to Android Central... try out Smart Keyboard Pro (found in the android market). Its one of the best keyboards in my opinion..
Enjoy the forums.